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What is GcMAF?

What does GcMAF stand for?

GcGlycoprotein (Globulin Component) derived




An outline on what GcMAF does

GcMAF is short for Glycoprotein Macrophage Activating Factor. It is a complex protein molecule naturally produced within healthy humans. Also referred to as a 'multifunctional protein', GcMAF is responsible for initiating and regulating 11 very important cellular and neurological functions within the body. Of these it is the ability to activate macrophages which eradicate viruses, tumors, antigens and other unwanted cells from the body which is of particular interest. When the body limits/stops naturally producing GcMAF due to a depleted immune system, so too do these 11 important functions, including the activation of macrophages.

Naturally produced within a healthy immune system

It is important to understand that GcMAF itself is NOT a treatment method. This is a very common misconception. In a healthy human GcMAF is produced naturally within the Galt (small intestine). These molecules are then integrated into the overall function of the immune system whose primary role is to protect against illness, disease and unwanted cells within the body.

GcMAF as a replacement therapy for those who can not make it

It is only when the body can no longer produce enough GcMAF on its own, that reintroducing it externally via a bioidentical source, that it can then be considered a 'replacement therapy'. Unlike other treatment methods, GcMAF is not about introducing a foreign substance to the body - it is simply giving the body back what it should be producing naturally to re-facilitate a healthy immune system.

GcMAF infographic demonstrating supplementation

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A Complementary Therapy

All healthy people have the same elements contained in the unique GcMAF formula inside them of them naturally. These elements play a major role in keeping the body healthy, preventing disease and promoting general wellbeing. When your immune system is lacking in certain elements that GcMAF provides, it is not operating to its utmost capacity and this is when issues may arise physically.

In this respect we highly stress you use GcMAFplus adjunct with any other traditional medicine program you may be currently undertaking if you are sick. Simply incorporate the numerous benefits of GcMAFplus alongside with what your doctor, oncologist or any other recognized medical profession has advised you to do.

The evolution of GcMAF to GcMAFplus

GcMAFplus has been researching and developing GcMAFplus products since 2011. In 2015, we tasked our scientists with the goal of using GcMAF to engineer GcMAFplus to function, not only to activate monocytes into becoming macrophages, but also to activate our lymphocytes - all in the presence of Nagalase. This, we hoped, would facilitate quicker responses by lymphocytes and more harmonious immune function overall.