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Clif High Video on GcMAF & Cancer Journey

Published on: 
22/04/2019 - 08:50


Recently we have been helping support prominent blogger Clif High with our products. Clif was recently diagnosed with cancer and is documenting his journey using GcMAFplus as well as other treatment methods via his YouTube channel. A very big thanks to Clif doing this, it is understandably a tough thing to do, but doing so is serving as a great source of inspiration and information to the many people who are affected by cancer around the world.

In the video Clif discusses his latest reports and updates, which we are very pleased to hear he is doing well and making progress. Clif also talks more about GcMAF and immunotherapy with some very good information to share with those who are curious about how it all works. It is a long video, however this is a great resource if you are new to GcMAF and would like to know first-hand how it works and a bit of history surrounding the industry.

We are sending our best wishes to Clif and everyone else who is battling cancer that may be reading this. Stay strong, positive and focused on winning the battle. Please get in touch with us here if we can help provide more information or assistance.