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About GcMAFplus

We have been researching and developing GcMAFplus products since 2011. In 2015 we tasked our scientists with the goal of using GcMAF to engineer GcMAFplus to not only to activate monocytes into becoming macrophages, but to also activate our lymphocytes - all in the presence of Nagalase. This, we hoped, would facilitate quicker responses by lymphocytes and more harmonious immune function overall.

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What is GcMAF?

GcMAFplus products are revolutionary formulas engineered to fortify your body’s trillions of cells, particularly the cells of your immune system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions our customers have about how GcMAF works, instructions, methods and much more answered here.


Video Resources & Testimonials

Video testimonials and other interesting resources about GcMAF. Watch what others have to say about this amazing new medical breakthrough.

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Articles & Reports

All the latest from the medical and alternative health communities about GcMAF, cancer treatment and general health & wellbeing.