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Australian lab-made GcMAF cream & spray supplements

Since 2008 we have researched, developed and distributed the highest quality GcMAF (Glycoprotein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor) products available. Our non-serum GcMAF formula is produced in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory from an organic bovine colostrum base. This is tested to be bioidentical to the GcMAF produced in healthy humans. Our range of transdermal creams and sublingual sprays supplement this as part of an immunotherapy approach in response to a wide range of conditions and general immune health.

Beware of inferior imitation GcMAF products!

All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body. They have helped many thousands of people with all types of immune-related conditions. For the past 15+ years GcMAFplus® products have consistently proven to be the best GcMAF products money can buy - view our many customer success stories here to find out why.

Please understand that GcMAF can not be patented by anyone, any person or any company.
It is naturally derived in the body. The only thing that anyone can patent is the way they make or add GcMAF in their own products.

NO ONE and NO COMPANY CAN PATENT GcMAF. It is like trying to patent vitamin C or vitamin D, you can't!
We do not patent the process we use in the making of our products as there is no need, it is our proprietary formula. We stand by our products 100%. All GcMAFplus® products are Australian made to ISO22716, (international standard) in a GMP certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

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What our customers have to say...

Opinions expressed in these testimonials are from our customers not GcMAFplus.

I just started my Dad with very late stage cancer on the highest strength products and we have seen amazing results very quickly drastically reducing his LDH... read more

- C.R. - United States

I have stage 3 ovarian cancer, my energy levels before using the new cream (8,000 ng), was 10-15% of normal. After using the new product only once, my energy... read more

- Marica P, United States

I purchased your product after I visited a GP to get an opinion on the dark black growth on my head which I only noticed with my receding hairline, I believe... read more

- Peter, Australia

FYI I was able to get rid of Prostate cancer, stage 4, with GcMAF. Thank You so much W**** C**** Sent from my iPhone read more

- W C, United States

I had a nagalase test done just out of curiosity, thinking I was very healthy. My count on the 20 of November was 1.46 it should be between 0.32 - 0.95. I used... read more

- Debora C, United States

To anyone considering GCMAF as a treatment for autism, I would like to tell you about my experience. I have been disillusioned with BigPharma drugs as long as... read more

- Alfred, US

Hello - the following is to add to your many wonderful testimonials. Please only use my initials and country for I.D. Thanks. I found out about GcMaf from a... read more

- EK Canada

I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I have spoken at a Lyme information night /seminar that the doctor who is having success treating others with... read more

- Litzy, US

We have a 4 year old son with autism, we thought we would purchase the cream to help his immune system. We purchased the 1500ng cream, we applied it once a day... read more

- Martin S, United States

Thank you, Robert! I will be placing my order, and I can wait for 5 days. But I want to thank you for giving me the code ahead of time. You and your company... read more

- LB, United States

There was never a diagnosis. It looks like a skin cancer. It was a rash the doctors couldn’t cure for months. Within 1 month of using the 15,000ng cream it was... read more

- Margaret, Australia

We have a 5 year old autistic son, we decided to try the cream, we did not think it would make such a difference, not so quickly anyway. we used the product... read more

- Robert, United States

My daughter came round yesterday and felt the trauma....and said OMG its smaller i can NEVER thank you enough. i can only PROMISE i will spread this to every... read more

- Anonymous live chat message

Hi Anastasia, I forgot to add an important detail to my daughter's testimonial in that she had been recently completely non-verbal. This is the revised... read more

- DC, United States

These pictures were submitted by a customer documenting treatment of a cyst using only GcMAFplus over a period of 10 days. read more

- Submitted by customer

First I want to thank you for the free samples included with my last order. I shared them with my sister who is also now a customer. I have not been able to... read more

- Patricia P - United States

Hi, GcMAFplus people. I do not know how many times I have ordered from you now. Maybe 4-6 times. This time I joined forces with my good friend A***** D*****.... read more

- Mari - Norway

Hello products are working great, every day I feel more and more effects in my brain. Tingly feelings moving throughout my head. I feel as if a hole in my... read more

- DM, United States

My Wife hade a lump on left breast didnt now what it was she hade it for four years before doctor visit and diagnostic she was strong as usal no problems.... read more

- Z,C Sweden

I have Common Variable Immune Disorder which means I don’t make enough antibodies to fight infections. The treatment is IVIG (intravenous antibodies taken... read more

- Mary Degrades, US

I became aware of gcmaf after Dr. Bradstreet had success with autistic children. Dr. Bradstreet died under suspicioius circumstances. David Knoakes (duckduckgo... read more

- Jason, Stockholm Sweden.

I forgot to tell you, I have been using 3 sprays in the nebulizer with Isaiah recently. He is becoming more social. Just this morning when my husband went to... read more

- Anonymous, US

I have been using GcMafplus for my chronic herpes viruses for six months. And now I am definitely in remission. It did take about 3 months for the lesions to... read more

- Merry D, Spain

My kids have been pooping a ton.. I feel like I'm already seeing gains Especially social. I believe it! My kids hugged and wanted to play together for the... read more

- Margaret, US

Robert / Friends at GcMAFplus, I have been using the lowest potency of both the spray and cream now for about 10 days twice a day. Within a day or two I was... read more

- Ester, US

I’ve had a small patch of scalp psoriasis since I’ve been 18. I’m 41 now and have tried all kinds of natural remedies, etc but nothing has ever helped. I’ve... read more

- Lance F, United States

I can’t say for sure when I got Lyme disease. I had many of the symptoms growing up but never had the bullseye rash. My symptoms were depression, anxiety,... read more

- Gemma R, Australia

I had an accident 8 years ago, in which my L4 vertebrae was pushed forward, out of the spinal column 4mm, toward my belly button. I have had pain daily ever... read more

- JW, United States

First of all, I would like to thank Thomas and Keti on their excellent service and more than professional conduct during troubles we had with Auspost (... read more

- Zoran, United States

24 years ago I was, stung by over 100 wasps, doctors never treated me. 3 months after that my 1st anaphylactic shock occurred. I had developed several severe... read more

- JL, United Kingdom

I burnt my wrist badly on the metal of a space heater, I was in the woods in a log cabin, for rest and recreation, I was there for the next 12 days, I had... read more

- Myla, USA

Hi! I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to sit down and write a review for GCMAFPlus! I am a mother of a 24-year-old son who has suffered with... read more

- KL - United States

We spoke some time ago about your brother, we heard about his situation through our connections through natural childbirth. My son is Autistic, and we ordered... read more

- Gary, United States

My son was diagnosed with Lyme by a blood test from Igenix lab about 8 years ago. We tried treatments with herbs and energy treatments for some time. We... read more

- Lawrence K, United States

I am a young mother of one child, I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for most of my life in a severe form. There have been hospital trips and hospital... read more

- Elspeth R, United Kingdom

I have tried everything, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been suffering with chronic pain for many years. I have many other symptoms as well. I have been... read more

- Elefteria M, Greece

I was bitten by a spider and used antiseptic to treat it but the infection just keep discharging. When I told a friend she told me to come over and use a spray... read more

- Samantha T, Australia

I am a senior, (70 years young) taking care of my health because I have quite a serious Atrial fibrillation, for decades now. I have been focusing on detoxing... read more

- Senior Citizen, United States

I suffer with fatigue, from Lyme disease, I have been using GcMAFplus for 6 months now and have seen a significant change in my foggy head and also the aches... read more

- Annie T, UK

Luca crawled out of his bed past his side rails and went down the step stool for the first time in his life. He then walked to the door and realized it was a... read more

- Jena, United States

My name is Michael, I have been taking GcMAFplus for approximately 6months now and the result has been very positive to say the least. I was diagnosed with... read more

- Michael - North Qld, Australia

I have had a growth on my nose for some time, I have been using this cream for a month and the growth is no longer there, so I applied it on my dog who had a... read more

- Cynthia, United States

I fell almost a year ago. I have been struggling with severe back pain since then. When I woke up in the mornings I was extremely stiff and had major pain.... read more

- JD - United States

I had severe problems with mould growth on my toes to the point they had turned black and were about to get amputated. I had tried a lot of other things which... read more

- Sam T, Australia

I recently purchased the lower strength cream for my dad who had a very itchy rash on his arms and legs. He has finished the jar and the rash is very much... read more

- Anonymous

Hello, I buy regularly from you, both gcmafplus 8000 n and 15000, I use for myself just general health boost and for my elderly mother for alzhiemers and my... read more

- D M, United Kingdom

I am a seventy-year-old man and like many men my age I have prostate issues.  I was experiencing urination frequency; I was up many many times at night to go... read more

- George T Greece

Just ordered second batch of your product gc maf plus. My wife and I have noticed a great improvement in our health after using your product. We are in our mid... read more

- R C - United States

I have a chronic tooth problem daily pain. I used the cream and the pain was completely gone the next day. This pain I have had for years and years and have... read more

- Clare R, United Kingdom

Personally so far these are the changes I am experiencing after using the 8000ng Original Cream for one month. I have not been diagnosed with any disease so... read more

- Jolin, US

This is my first time using the cream and I am more than pleased. I have chronic pain behind my left knee and swelling below the knee. My first application was... read more

- Michele, United States

We have been using GcMAFplus for about 2 years now. My mother is 80 years old and every year she would be in hospital with the flu, bronchitis and once with... read more

- Helen S, Australia

Thank you with appreciation for this info and your guidance. I have been ill for many years with a chronic liver and the many symptoms I'm experiencing, after... read more

- M.O. - United States

I have been using GcMAFplus now for one year. My wife purchased it for my eczema. I did not think it would work but amazingly enough my skin started to heal. read more

- Ricky P, United States

Here's something interesting about the spray. I got it on Thursday and was having pain issues with a back molar. I've never had dental issues in my whole life... read more

- Robert, United States

I have been using the 1500ng on my face for about a month now. Immediately my skin became softer and clearer and the dullness subsided. My breakouts also... read more

- Tracy, Australia

I have been using GcMAFplus now for 3 years. I suffered from fatigue and muscle pain all over my body. After using it for 3 months, a friend commented on how... read more

- Corrina C, Australia

Illustration of macrophages attacking virus cells

What is GcMAF?

Short for Glycoprotein (derived) Macrophage Activating Factor, GcMAF is naturally occurring within a healthy immune system. It is responsible for activating Macrophages which eradicate bacteria, viruses and other unwanted cells within the body.

When we become sick, the body's capacity to produce it's own GcMAF becomes inhibited. The accelerated release of nagalase enzymes prohibit glycoprotein cells from activating macrophages, thus rendering our immune system defenseless. This is where GcMAF plus can help.

Our clinically developed transdermal creams and oral sprays deliver active GcMAF back into the body. This reactivates macrophages and allows the immune system to once again fight back. The results from doing this speak for themselves.

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GcMAFplus 1500ng natural range skin cream

1500ng GcMAF Natural Cream

Lowest strength natural range option

GcMAFplus 8000ng natural range skin cream

8000ng GcMAF Natural Cream

Medium strength natural range option

GcMAFplus® original 1500ng skin cream

1500ng GcMAF Original Cream

Lowest strength original range option

GcMAFplus 8000ng standard range skin cream

8000ng GcMAF Original Cream

Medium strength original range option

GcMAFplus 15000ng original skin cream

15 000ng GcMAF Original Cream

High strength original range option

GcMAFplus super strength 15000mg skin cream

15 000mg GcMAF Original Cream

Extra high strength original range option

GcMAFplus 50000ng oral spray

50 000ng GcMAF Sublingual Spray

High strength 286ng per spray (25ml)

20,000ng GcMAF Sublingual Spray (10ml)

20,000ng GcMAF Sublingual Spray

High strength 286ng per spray (10ml)

GcMAFplus Value Pack

Medium Strength Spray + Cream

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15,000ng cream + 20,000ng spray GcMAF pack

High Strength Spray + Cream

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$597.00 $465.00
Super Strength cream + 20,000ng spray GcMAF pack

Super Strength Spray + Cream

Extra high strength pack - save $240

$1,089.00 $849.00
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About GcMAFplus®

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality GcMAF products money can buy. We are NOT doctors and as such make no claims or give health advice in regards to our products. With hundreds of accredited medical and academic research papers published regarding GcMAF, what we do is simply provide a safe laboratory-made product for those who have done their research and wish to try this immunotherapy approach. Unlike other suppliers our products DO NOT contain any human or blood (serum) derived ingredients. Instead we use raw bovine colostrum which is processed through numerous stages in our Australian GMP certified lab to produce pure GcMAF proteins. These are bioidentical to that produced in healthy humans and are added to our creams and sprays. We securely ship online orders to all countries worldwide including the US, Canada, UK, Australia and 120 others.